Oct 31

Being passed today (2017/10/30) in the Third Reading by Legislative Yuan, the Law of Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talents loosens restrictions on the applications for the employment visa, residence, Insurance of the foreigners coming to Taiwan, and also entitles them benefits of taxes and retirement. At the same time, the regulation that foreign professional talents must stay 183 days every year in Taiwan while being employed is abolished. The employment period is also extended from 3 years to 5 years.

The Law of Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talents regulates that the foreign professional talents themselves may apply for “employment gold card”, which includes the Work Permit allowing changing jobs freely, Resident Visa, ARC, Re-Entry Permit. In addition, those foreign professionals who earn 3 million or above are entitled to enjoy 3 years’ tax privileges that half of the annual gross income is exempted from the individual income tax computation.

written by Good Earth

Oct 03

According to a statistic from Financial Supervisory Commission Taiwan, the total amount of deposits among the domestic banks is up to 36.82 trillion NTD, and the total amount of loans is 26.79 trillion NTD. That is a total amount of 10 trillion idle funds possessed by the domestic banks.

Due to the record highs of idle funds among the domestic banks, there are some banks relaxing mortgage regulations, including lowering interest rates and rising Loan-To-Value Ratios (LTV Ratio), to attract the public to apply for loans, and to cooperate with new construction plans to launch a high LTV Ratio of 80%.

written by Good Earth