US Semiconductor Industry Seeks $37 billion Government Boost Overseas E-commerce Sales from 2019 Must Declare Corporate Income Tax
Jun 03

Jiangsu - Further Reduction in 5G Usage Price

The Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu recently revealed that 35,000 5G base stations have been built in Jiangsu Province, accounting for 12% of the total in the mainland, with nearly 4 million 5G users. With the increase of 5G users and the reduction of unit costs, the price of 5G usage will be further reduced.

Shanghai - 12 Major Competitions in 2019 Generates Benefits of Over RMB10 billion

According to a report issued by Shanghai, the 12 major sports events held in the city in 2019 brought a total of RMB3.09 billion in direct sales, and the related industry-driven benefits exceeded RMB10.2 billion. Among those, Shanghai ATP Masters 1000, Formula One (F1) China Grand Prix, and Shanghai International Marathon have contributed more than 70% in direct economic benefits.

Sichuan - Announces 13 Supporting Policies and RMB 2 million to Reward R&D

Sichuan announced “Several Measures to Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, launching 13 supporting policies. Incentives will be given to innovative technology R&D achievements of technology-based SMEs based on a standard of not exceeding 40% of R&D expenditure (up to RMB 2 million).

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