Expenses of the Entity and Subsidiary Issuance of Explanatory Decree No. 09704555160 by the MOF
Jan 14

In order to improve the quality of Taiwan’s engineering profession and promote the internationalization of Taiwan’s engineering qualifications, the Executive Yuan has recently approved a draft revision of the Professional Engineers Act, making provision under Article 56 for certified engineers from countries with which Taiwan has concluded a mutual recognition treaty or agreement to obtain accredited engineer certification by means of oral test or review and then apply to practice as professional engineers in Taiwan.

The Public Construction Commission (PCC) explains that, in line with Taiwan’s membership of the WTO and the APEC Engineer agreement scheme, and in order to promote the international mobility of professional engineers and strengthen Taiwan’s engineering-related industries’ ability to compete in overseas markets, foreign engineers from countries with which Taiwan has concluded relevant mutual recognition treaties or agreements will be permitted to participate in Taiwan’s engineering examinations by means of oral test and review of academic qualifications and work experience, or on passing review will be issued with accredited engineer certification and may apply for a license to practice engineering in Taiwan.

A foreign engineer who has been licensed to practice in Taiwan will be able to conduct professional engineering work and signing of engineering documents jointly with local engineers or independently, and also undertake other professional activities on an equal and reciprocal basis as provided for by the relevant mutual recognition treaty or agreement. Furthermore, foreign professional engineers practicing in Taiwan must first join the pertinent engineers association, and all documents and drawings related to work undertaken in Taiwan must use Chinese as the primary language.

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