[Life] Ireland Grants 90-day Visa-free Entry to Taiwan Citizens [Taxation] Business Tax Act Amendment Sent to Legislative Yuan
Sep 04

Upon departing with goods eligible for VAT refund, foreign passengers should present their passports, the goods eligible for VAT refund, application form, and the uniform invoice bearing the wording VAT refundable to the departure airport/seaport customs and request a VAT refund if said goods comply with the following requirements. However, foreign passengers may not request a VAT refund if they fail to submit their applications before departure.
1. The goods eligible for VAT refund were sold by an authorized TRS-labeled stores.
2. The application form and uniform invoice are consistent with respect to the items and amounts
3. The goods eligible for VAT refund carried by the foreign passenger are consistent with the application form with regard to the items and models
4. The goods eligible for VAT refund must be carried out of the country by eligible applicants within a certain period of time
5. The total value of goods eligible for VAT refund must exceed a certain amount of money.
After reviewing the aforesaid application, the customs authoritics shall check said goods and mark the total amount of VAT refund verified or the reasons for non-refund on the VAT Refund Assessment Certificate. The foreign passenger may present the VAT Refund Assessment Certificate to the designated bank located at the airport seaport to receive the payment of the VAT refund.
The Ministry of Finance will determine the format of the aforesaid VAT Refund Assessment Certificate.

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