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Dec 02

The Presidential Office Building -> Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall -> National Museum of History -> Longshan Temple -> Huaxi Street Night Market 

The NMH’s collection included the bronzes unearthed in Xinzheng, Hui and Anyang (in Henan Province), Pre-Qin pottery unearthed in Loyang, Han green-glazed pottery, the dancer and musician figurines of the Six Dynasties, and the Tang tri-colored pottery…etc. The arrival of allocated artifacts and donations from private collectors gradually enriched the Museum’s collection and enlarged its archives.

The museum collections continued to grow with annual acquisitions obtained with government procurement budget allocations and donations from private collectors. The annual acquisitions provided the museum with artifacts and relics from mainland China, Taiwan, and other countries.

Yongkang Street, Tianmu, Ximending, the East District shopping area, and Fuxing South Road (which specializes in rice gruel and small accompanying dishes) are all major culinary concentrations in Taipei. Tianmu (with its foreign atmosphere) and Yongkang Street, especially, are home to vast arrays of restaurants that offer an infinite variety of eats including dishes from all over the world as well as traditional Chinese foods and the tastes of different parts of Taiwan.

The Chinese food available in Taiwan covers the gamut from palace cuisine to street-stall snacks, and all have their characteristic–and delicious–flavors. The palace-style dishes served at Din Tai Fong and King Join attract numbers of tourists every day, and the allure of the snacks sold in Taipei’s night markets makes them truly irresistible–Longshan Temple and the night markets at Huasi Street, Shilin, Tonghua Street, Raohe Street, Liaoning, and Jingmei, among others, all have their own special snacks giving off aromas that draw in diners from far and wide.

Huasi Street is the most famous night market in Taipei, and every day it sees numbers of both domestic and foreign tourists. The best-known snacks available here, probably, are snake meat and snake wine; other prominent delicacies include potside stickers, Tainan danzai noodles, bowl rice, water-turtle meat, and seafood. Compared with other night markets this one has a greater emphasis on attracting tourists; so its class is not very low, and its prices are also a bit higher than others. The nearby Longshan Temple has a row of blind masseurs in front waiting to loosen you up, and “Herb Lane” just next door is another point that you will not want to miss.


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