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Dec 30

In 17th century, Dutchmen occupied Taiwan and made Lugang as the important export port of Taiwan commodity. In Qing Dynasty (1784 A.D.), Lugang was assigned to be the only harbor that can transport commodity with Quanzhou harbor in Mainland China, so Lugang became the gate of middle part of Taiwan. The tent shops got so closely together that the sky was covered and formed the special scene as “Invisible Sky”. In early 20th century, people refused to let the main north-south railway /highway pass through because of the conservative customs, moreover, the harbor was being choked up with silt, and Lugang’s position declined from the second city to a small town. However, the loss may turn out to be the gain, it is the decline that made Lugang’s origin features preserved until now.

The most charming spots of Lugang are the historic alleys with old houses, the most special ones are the narrow-facade, deep-length patio-type buildings which only exist in Yuan-chang store on Zhongshan Rd., old streets, and Lugang Folk Art Museum. The half-old-half-new buildings on Zhongshan Rd. were tore in Japanese occupation era , the Japanese tore the main halls to expand road and put the modern honorific arches instead. The Longshan Temple is the complete collection of art and architecture essentials, it is worthy of your visit.

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