[Taxation] Tax Rebate Rules Eased for Bonded Factory Waste Materials [Taxation] Principles for Determining Income from Sources in the ROC Regulated in Article 8 of Income Tax Act (1)
Jan 15

Government Response to ECCT suggestions on various topics:
Asset Management:
Cancellation of ceiling amount on the raising of onshore funds and lowering of the minimum amount from NT$600 million to NT$300 million.
Automotive Industry:
1. Lowering, by the Environmental Protection Administration, of the sulfur content for domestically refined and imported motor gas and diesel fuel in reference to the EU’s control standards for automotive fuel.
2. Revision, by the Environmental Protection Administration, of stage V emissions standards for diesel vehicles to harmonize with Euro 5 regulations. The revision is to be implemented in 2012.
The Financial Supervisory Commission has passed the“Rules Governing Offshore Structured Products” to establish a unified review mechanism and
related measures for such products and implement differential management of investment by professionals and non-professionals.
In line with the implementation of the World Customs Organization SAFE Framework of Standards, the Ministry of Finance will institute the non-intrusive inspection of containers in 2010.
Environmental Protection:
1. The“Renewable Energy Development Act”was enacted, authorizing the government to enhance incentives for the development of renewable energy via a variety of methods, including the acquisition mechanism, incentives for demonstration projects, and the loosening of regulatory restrictions.
2. Standards and application procedures for green construction label assessment were set up to encourage energy-saving construction and low-pollution buildings.
Human Resources:
1. The Employment Pass, Academic and Business Travel Card, and Plum Blossom Permanent Residency Card were issued to provide visa facilitation and express immigration clearance for foreigners coming to Taiwan.
2. Rules governing white-collar mainland Chinese workers coming to Taiwan were relaxed to shorten application time, expand the maximum number of invited mainlanders, and lengthen the period of stay for business people, and application procedures were simplified for mainland Chinese living in third countries.
The period for tax loss carry-forward was extended to 10 years.
The Department of Health revised the “Guidelines for Drug Review and Approval,” permitting registration of new chemical entity without a certificate of pharmaceutical product (CPP), so long as the specified clinical trials have been carried out in Taiwan.
Government Procurement:
Taiwan joined the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) of the World Trade Organization, and the domestic government procurement market has been opened to foreign companies.
1. Beginning in 2010, the profit-seeking-enterprise tax rates will be lowered from 25% to 20% and the consolidated income tax rates to 20%, 12%, and 5%.
2. Foreign companies with no business base or agent in Taiwan are now exempt from tax on services provided abroad. This exemption applies equally to mainland Chinese companies.

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