VAT refund for foreign exhibitors and foreign travelers in Taiwan Article 10 of the Statute for Industrial Innovation.
Nov 10

According to Tax Collection Act, a taxpayer who voluntarily makes tax payment covering the tax amount which he or she has failed to declare shall be liable for paying interest on the late tax payment. Nevertheless, the taxpayer is exempt from the penalty of one fold of the tax withheld under the circumstances that it is neither a case brought by an informant, nor a case under investigation by an investigator appointed by any tax collection authorities.

Aaccording to Article 92 of Income Tax Act, a tax withholder, who files the withholding and non-withholding tax return after the due date January 31, 2011, is subject to the applicable punishment at the rate of 20 percent of the tax withheld. The maximum penalty, however, shall not exceed NT$ 20,000 or be less than NT$ 1,500. Even though a taxpayer pays off a tax withheld, he or she is subject to pay the penalty.

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