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Sep 29

National Immigration Agency

The issued ID No. for expatriates consists of 2 letters and 8 numbers, 10 digits in total.

The first letter indicates regions. (Note 1)

The second letter indicates sexes. (Note 2) The first 7 numbers are a serial number, and the last number is a check digit.

Note1: The letter stands for City and County:

A Taipei City, B Taichung City, C Keelung City, D Tainan City, E Kaohsiung City,

F New Taipei City, G Yilan County, H former Taoyuan City, I Chiayi City, J Hsinchu, County

K Miaoli County, L former Taichung County, M Nantou County, N Changhua County,

O Hsinchu City, P Yunlin County, Q Chiayi County, R former Tainan County,

S former Kaohsiung County, T Pingtung County, U Hualien County, V Taitung County,

W Kinmen County, X Penghu County, Z Lienchiang County.

Note 2:

Taiwanese residents, people from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau:

A stands for male. B stands for female


C stands for male. D stands for female

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