Law of Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talents Advance pricing agreement
Nov 02

In order to recruit Ph.D. professionals studying overseas, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) provides a subsidy of NTD 6,250 per day for study abroad elites to get a job back to Taiwan without financial worries. In addition, Taishan Investment and Management Consulting Ltd., recruiting Internet of Things, will invest about NTD 40 billion respectively in AI and biotechnology funds with a view to offering more financial aids for the startups.

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) launched the first wave of LIFT project this May, recruiting 100 overseas Ph.D. elites who are R.O.C citizens under 45 years old to work back in Taiwan, supported with a total NTD 1.5 million of life subsidies by the government.

A national grade “Taishan Investment and Management Consulting Ltd.,” has been founded and expected to be partly funded at the end of this year. The first wave is to raise funds for the Internet of Things to invest approximately NTD 40 billion in the field of AI. The second wave will be raising funds of NTD 40 billion for the development of biomedical industry, with a view to offering financial aids for the setups.

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