HSBC’s latest "2021 Sustainable Investment and Financing Research Report"

2021-10-29 11:15:11


HSBC’s latest "2021 Sustainable Investment and Financing Research Report" shows that nearly 80% (77%) of mainland companies interviewed are driven by carbon peak and carbon neutral targets Sustainability has been regarded as the focus of its business development strategy. At the same time, about 40% of the interviewed companies indicated that they would formulate their own carbon neutral plans or seek more investment from investors to achieve low-carbon transformation.


   The survey interviewed 200 mainland capital market issuers (ie, financing entities such as enterprises and institutions) and institutional investors. The survey shows that the interviewed companies are paying more attention to the sustainable development of the company, the industry and the supply chain.


  Respondents pay particular attention to the sustainability of the supply chain. Three-quarters of companies believe that having a sustainable supply chain is very important. Moreover, institutional investors are also highly concerned about this, with over 70% (71%) of the interviewed investors saying that they are more inclined to invest in companies with sustainable supply chains.


   The HSBC survey also shows that companiesparticipation in sustainable finance has increased significantly compared to last year. About 50% of the interviewed companies said they have increased their participation in green and sustainable financing, such as the issuance of sustainable bonds. Last year, this ratio was about one-third.


Cheng Zhuoxiong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Bank (China) Co., Ltd. said: "In recent years, the government, regulators, and market players have been working together to drive China's sustainable development. After the'dual carbon' goal was put forward, the issue of climate change has received more attention. , Various policy support has been continuously increased to promote the deep development of sustainable economy. HSBC survey shows that these factors are prompting mainland enterprises to increase investment and practice in sustainable development. With the increasing support of sustainable finance, green industry A large number of development and investment opportunities will emerge, thereby promoting the positive and circular development of China's green economy."

When asked about the most attractive investment opportunities in sustainable development areas in the next five years, interviewed companies and investors generally favor clean coal, power grid transformation, industrial energy conservation, sustainable waste management, energy-efficient commercial and public buildings And recycling and circular economy.


   It is worth mentioning that while market opportunities continue to emerge, investment barriers and barriers are gradually disappearing. According to the HSBC survey, nearly 60% (59%) of the companies and investors surveyed believe that the barriers to investing in China's green and sustainable economy have been significantly reduced, which is a significant increase from 44% last year. Compared with last year, problems such as low returns, insufficient information disclosure, and investment opportunities not being effectively disseminated have been improved.



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